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  1. 2018 Jes Health Services Graduate

    “I am so happy that I attended Jes Health Services last fall. Mrs. Betty was an excellent phlebotomy instructor and Jessica Rogers was always extremely helpful. As a matter of fact, I was employed as a full time phlebotomist less than two weeks after graduation due to the drive from the director and instructor. I recommend Jes Health Services to anyone interested in certified phlebotomy technician, certified medical assistant, dental assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, pharmacy technician or medical billing & coding work because not only will you learn but they care and do what they can to help you find employment. This program is excellent. I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to practice phlebotomy so quickly, but with the way it is organized, I felt ready to begin practicing. We had the option to come to the other class’ labs – there are some everyday – so I feel confident in my abilities as a phlebotomist. Mrs. Betty has been a practicing phlebotomist for eight years and incorporates her experiences into the lessons, answering questions beyond what is in the textbook. I wouldn’t change a thing and highly recommend this course. I’m amazed by how far my classmates and myself have come in just a six-week program. Thanks Jes Health Services!”

  2. Tracey Pennington, Student

    “After working jobs just to maintain, I finally realized that I wanted something long term, beneficial, a career. I then discovered Jes Health Services, gave her a call and immediately thought this is where I want to be. Motivating and encouraging staff. With the extra push from the teachers, I became a certified phlebotomy technician and in 6 weeks!”

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